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Monday, June 13, 2011

capturing our precious life

i typically try to keep business and personal separate but it seemed appropriate to blog about our recent family photo shoot. Tonya Poitevint, of Tonya Poitevint Photography has been catching my eye the last few months with her beautiful art. She's not only extremely talented behind the camera, she's calm, loving, easy going and just down right cool. she really captured my husband and i's loves - our children, music, furniture (well, mine), outdoors, fields, and simplicity.

thank you tonya for providing us with all these beautiful images...this is a small peek as to what's to come (yes, she took A TON OF PICS and i haven't even received the disk). these are just images she's sent via email.

{PS, all the images you see in this shoot our courtesy of Marigold {vintage event rentals}. so, if something sparks you're eye - give us a holler...


  1. Thank you so much, Kelle...I love your family, your vision, your heart, so thank you for allowing me to be a small part of it all! ;)

  2. These are flipping AMAZING!!!! LOVE your work it inspires me!

  3. This is too much - SO gorgeous! Come on up to the Hood for a visit this summer.

  4. Um, cutest family on the face of the planet award goes to you. Seriously. Good work! ;)