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Thursday, June 2, 2011

the abc's of kelle hill

the abc's of me, kelle hill. i saw this on elizabeth anne designs blog and i thought it sounded like fun to share a little about me and who i am.

have a beautiful day.

A. Age – 32

B. Bed size – King, and it's often filled at night with my hubby, and by the middle of the night, my boy Brev. and our dog.

C. Chore you hate – putting away laundry. i avoid this chore until my clothes are pouring out of the laundry room.

D. Dogs – Cooper, black lab

E. Essential start to your day – Coffee. and several cups before anything

F. Favorite color – it was Red, but, i think i'm leaning towards gray (it's just neutral, and goes with everything)

G. Gold or silver – Gold

H. Height – 5’5

I. Instruments – flute and drums in middle school and beyond that, i've never had the patience to learn anything else.

J. Job title – oh....i wear all types of hats around here. but, my favorite title - Mother of two beautiful children

K. Kids – Yes, please ----- Brev, almost 3 and Marly, almost 1 (both in July). and i'd love one more of my own, and then my true dream is to adopt from south america.

L. Live – always try to live each day to the fullest. but, where we live currently is in Grants Pass, OR. however, we have our eyes set on the applegate valley or williams area. hopefully it can happen soon. it's just simple livin' and amazing wide open farm, and agricultural fields. our chickens would love some space too.

M. Mom’s name – Jan - and she's the best lady ever.

N. Nicknames – Kel-Bel

O. Overnight hospital stays – just two both with having my little ones

P. Pet peeve – oh....judgmental people first and foremost, and second, just mean people.

Q. Quote from a movie – i couldn't remember a quote to save my life. i often forget how a movie ends. my husband and i will both go - "have we seen this movie and watch until the very end and remember we did. ha!"

R. Right or left handed – right

S. Siblings – Si, a older brother Billy, and a younger one, Joey. they're both amazing brothers...and grown up to be loving individuals.

T. Time you wake up – i LOVE waking up early...when it's on my own terms. but, my little girl seems to be ready to get up around 7:00am.

U. Underwear – of course.

V. Vegetables you dislike – love them all, especially if they are pulled straight from a garden. love organic vegi's best.

W. What makes you run late – my kids and husband. AND, if i can't find an outfit i like.

X. X-Rays you’ve had – Hmmm...dental, is about it.

Y. Yummy food you make – love love love cooking. just about anything that involves bread, cheese and tomatoes.

Z. Zoo – gosh! it's fine, but, not my first place i'd like to go. i'm sure with kids i'll be visiting a whole lot more.

Anyone else want to play ABCs with me?