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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


please email me right away if you're interested or have any questions...! :) happy shopping
white farm table with rustic bench style seating (we can switch our for chairs as well) $550 for table and benches (72in X 38in) also extends a foot on each side
Darling Creme Bookshelf $60 (43in x 11in)
Light Slate Gray Coffee Table $89 (34in round)
Blue Drop Leaf $140 (4ft x 3ft)
another angle of Drop Leaf
Night Stands or two separate cabinets ($140 for both) (28in x 10in)
Gray Upholstered Chairs ($90 for both)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Finds added to the inventory

hey there!

busy time of the year here! excited to post a few of our new finds! these will be added to our online inventory within the next few days! ALL FOR RENT! :)


thought these would be cool as altar pieces with flowers woven through.

another white darling table (has a light porcelain top) perfect for a drink table

small white side table

a beautiful, rusty bed!

fencing - we have two this size

light gold tufted chair

thought these would be cool for a cake stand - we have two

arbor. i never put this on the online inventory. beautiful rustic altar piece

LOVE LOVE THIS NEW find. it's an old flour table (see the bins) could be used anywhere

fun new bistro chair

this is a rad, chair. like all the layers of chipped paint it's had through the years.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Sale Day

hey folks,

hope ya'll find yourself well and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL sunny day in southern oregon! can't hardly wait for more than 1 day of sunshine. (gardening, fun spring clothes, garage sales, weddings, etc). sun = pulling furniture out of my shed = painting; and that's what happened today! marigold is getting all hyped too with our new finds which should be up and rolling on our website within two weeks. hence, the absence of blogging...

***i'm hoping the refurbished, painted items that are FOR SALE don't confuse anyone. YES, we rent out rad, funky, chippy, original items and we, also, refinish furniture too. *** two separate ventures that share similar roads!

alright: here we have a few items for sale!!! you'll see my new favorite color - uuummmm, turquoise inspired after Fillmore on Cars. :) (my favorite character on the show).

this was $149 (now at the great price of $120)

a light light yellow with gray colored knobs ($159)