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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lovely new couch and chair will be in my arms on monday.

i can hardly stand waiting until monday for this couch. it's a beauty! and for RENT!

and a darling chair

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sneak Peak for the Inspired Creations Contest!

I packed my family up and headed over to Central Oregon to be a part of the Inspired Creations contest. Rachael with Lace and LIkes and Deb with Bridalhood Blog did an amazing job pulling it all together. I had the fairly easy part of donating my furniture, and watching from the sidelines. here is the inspiration board used to create the concept. pictures by the great benjamin edwards will be shared soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

inspiration board

i ran across this inspiration board from Magnolia Rouge and found it so simple and divine. the name is awfully cute too. the farm truck is my favorite, that is truly my dream car. could i rent out a farm truck for weddings and events but then cruise it during the weekdays...mmmm!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

appreciating everyone in life.

have you ever had a person in your life that you go, man, they make my heart smile and i'm glad to have met you. well, i've had the pleasure of meeting a dear lady named sherry. she's the sweetest, kind, hardworking, junk lover of a lady that i know. i'll never forget she say's "kel, i have more tools and junk in my cupboards than i have food", i said, that's my kind of lady.

sherry and i have so much fun laughing over life's simple pleasure. i really love this lady.

she owns a store in my little town near the thrift store and we've suddenly became close friends. she's always scouting out cool finds for me, or just calling me to say hi. i'm thankful our paths crossed because you inspire me with your generosity, spark for life, you're business acumen and simple love for anything old and rusty.

thank you for bringing sherry into my life. i really do cherish you!

warehouse and studio - it's official....

i'm so excited to announce after a few months of hunting, the warehouse/studio is a done deal. a few years ago, i was walking down an alley to my favorite antique store in town and i saw this awesome corrugated sliding door barely open. i peeked inside, it was an all brick interior with that perfect industrial feel. my initial thought was it would make a perfect quaint, hidden wine bar. anyway, life carried on and i was in visiting with the owner of my favorite antique store a month ago ...and asked her if she knew of any vacant warehouse type spot downtown - and she replied "i have the perfect spot", well, it turns out it was that little magical hobbit hole i peeked in on a few years ago.

i'm especially excited to meet with my lovely brides, and vendors in this space. we plan to have an open house for all vendors interested in seeing the space - we'll serve it up right with appetizer, wine and live music. i hope to get "public" ready by the end of April.

stay tuned for some major rad, awesome stuff coming from behind this door!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

luxe bridal event

i'm having some major issues with my blog the past two week so i haven't posted any pics or stories :(

{ so, when i upload my images all i see is encrypted lettering and not my actual pics (anyone know what i'm doing wrong)?}

i wasn't able to organize these pictures due to the nature of my problem. (hence the messy blog today - bare with me until we get er fixed)

anyway, marigold made their appearance at the Luxe Bridal Event in Portland. our booth followed the wedding pantone of gray/light pink/creme. turned out great - lots of interest from brides and local vendors. nicole, with jane productions did the wonderful display of flowers. (thanks nicole)!!! our goal with marigold is to open a warehouse full of vintage love in the portland area soon! our inventory continues to multiply daily. the grants pass warehouse/studio is coming together! i can't wait to make it public and have a grand opening event in it - stay tuned :)

on our way home yesterday we stumbled upon the raddest BARN EVER. filled with everything. my heart was racing like crazy the minute we pulled into this driveway. i picked up a large collection of old mailboxes, watering cans, a old rusty wrought iron baby crib, chicken feeders, ceiling tiles, a BEAUTIFUL 12 foot long white farm table . {i can't wait for someone to use this for a head table}....

it was truly the best way to end a trip! thanks sherry for the tip. :)

have a beautiful sunday.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

marigold featured on bridalhood

I was delighted to receive an email from Debbie, with Bridalhood about featuring marigold on her blog! i love her style and creativity. can't wait to work with her in the very near future. :)

Debbie started Bridalhood blog during her own wedding planning adventure and used it as a database for all things that inspired her. She ended up loving it so much that she continues to blog about all things wedding and features real wedding, DIY ideas and every Friday does a round up of all her favorite things. She is based in Hood River, OR and offers wedding planning services for brides getting "Hitched in the Hood".

{photo by tec petaja}