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Friday, May 13, 2011

welcome Marigold's new website to the WWW...

I'm so excited to show off our new website. We'll be having our complete inventory online SOON (goal is by the May 31st). It will allow for easy browsing, planning and simply showing our great finds. Also, there is a link to this blog, I'll try and post all my current finds..maybe "Sunday Fun Day"...


Studio/Warehouse Update: My friend Nicole and I have been going down for a few hours each week and busting out projects. For instance, today we finished a pallet wall. we used old pallets, and incorporated old sewing patterns and then will use some amber uplighting to give those walls a beautiful glow. the next project will be lighting...i spray painted a bunch of old chandeliers in a high gloss white that will be scattered throughout the space. i CAN'T wait to start decorating it so we can invite you all into our little hobbit hole full of goodies.

thanks for following my blog and supporting Marigold.

kelle and marly (my little 10 month old has been helping me type -he)

here is her paragraph.
it reads""lkhsoinlkmnldkmfoijlknm"

translation: If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.

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