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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new inventory added


boy, have we been busing filling up our warehouse with more cool finds...i've tried posting some of them on facebook, however, for non-facebookers, i thought it probably would be a good idea to show the new finds on here as well! (so, if you already have seen on facebook, you get to see these beauties again) :)

so, here we go:

i love this piece for an altar or beautiful flower stand.

never have enough benches displayed with an assortment of vibrant pillows

so, this is my new favorite find. i'm having a glass top made for it. however, you could put a wooden or metal top on it too to create a totally different look. perfect for a guest table, drink station, or cake table. "it's a think out of the box concept" and an amazing statement piece.

cute accessories to put seating charts in, or hang upside down and hang ribbon from. or put small vases in each spring to create a simple flower arrangement.

love these chairs.

and these chairs too.

lovely rocker...guest will love this piece.

this isn't the greatest picture of these. i have two, but i originally envisioned them for either large pots, candles to sit on. and then, i thought these would be awesome platforms for your wedding cake. (get a long piece of glass or wood and make a mini table for the cakes to rest on). (i'm working on putting a picture together of these) they are beautiful!

just a cute, old rusty pink wagon. we have another one that is equally cute.

these are a hit already. i envisioned them behind a cake table or drink station. someone is using them for a part of their photo booth (putting fabric behind them).

also, i'm interested to see if people are looking for specific pieces...i have quite a few resources that i undoubtedly could find that piece your looking for OR, help with finding something really similar.

i hope you all have a wonderful day! i'm taking a few days off to join some childhood friends for a girls weekend in las vegas. so, i'll return all emails and phone calls tuesday am! until then...

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