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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

warehouse and studio - it's official....

i'm so excited to announce after a few months of hunting, the warehouse/studio is a done deal. a few years ago, i was walking down an alley to my favorite antique store in town and i saw this awesome corrugated sliding door barely open. i peeked inside, it was an all brick interior with that perfect industrial feel. my initial thought was it would make a perfect quaint, hidden wine bar. anyway, life carried on and i was in visiting with the owner of my favorite antique store a month ago ...and asked her if she knew of any vacant warehouse type spot downtown - and she replied "i have the perfect spot", well, it turns out it was that little magical hobbit hole i peeked in on a few years ago.

i'm especially excited to meet with my lovely brides, and vendors in this space. we plan to have an open house for all vendors interested in seeing the space - we'll serve it up right with appetizer, wine and live music. i hope to get "public" ready by the end of April.

stay tuned for some major rad, awesome stuff coming from behind this door!


  1. FREAKING YAY!!!!!! I am so excited for you!! Let me know if I can help ya with anything lady. :)

  2. kelle the lockers that i have in our studio, thats where we had to pick em up from when we purchased them! its a rad spot!