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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

appreciating everyone in life.

have you ever had a person in your life that you go, man, they make my heart smile and i'm glad to have met you. well, i've had the pleasure of meeting a dear lady named sherry. she's the sweetest, kind, hardworking, junk lover of a lady that i know. i'll never forget she say's "kel, i have more tools and junk in my cupboards than i have food", i said, that's my kind of lady.

sherry and i have so much fun laughing over life's simple pleasure. i really love this lady.

she owns a store in my little town near the thrift store and we've suddenly became close friends. she's always scouting out cool finds for me, or just calling me to say hi. i'm thankful our paths crossed because you inspire me with your generosity, spark for life, you're business acumen and simple love for anything old and rusty.

thank you for bringing sherry into my life. i really do cherish you!

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