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Thursday, February 17, 2011

the farmhouse shoot.

cock a doodle doo...

i wanted to post some pictures of our "farmhouse" shoot. we chose items we thought would pair well with the barn look, but these all can be changed/customized with the right flowers and accessories. we took these pictures at an old barn right across the street where i grew up! i've always loved this barn, even more so when it was filled with cows, chickens, roosters and those cute little piggies. (well, not cute, but in a weird way they are)

my website is taking quite awhile to put together - as you probably all know, it's a work in progress, but, i want it to display to my style and love.

my right hand girl, nicole garcia with jane productions helped with the displays. she last minute put together a few flower displays (literally 10 minutes to do). we share the same love and enthusiasm for weddings and life, so it's a great combo! i just love her!

antique white church pews...and our triage door unit in the faint background.

we thought this would be cute to hold presents! or whatever your wild imagination can make of it.
perfect for an engagement shoot or prop for your wedding.
accessories (we have old drawers, tool boxes, suitcases, old milk cans...

flowers by nicole garcia - you need a watering can, we have plenty...

the white hutch could be used for a guest sign in table, or altar piece decked out with flowers!

sweetheart table or guest book
love the bath tub for beverages or couture shot with bride and groom! it's a dandy..
all pictures from {traci buck photography}
she's a wonderful lady to work with! and not to mention, quite cool! :)


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