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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's Sales are Back!

we're back from an extra long extended vacation :)...i hope the new year is bringing you joy, fulfillment and guidance to keep you on your new year's resolution. just to share - mine this year - was STOP! are you living in the moment. i find myself rushing from place to place, hurrying to clean the house, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, exercise, play with my kids, spend time with my husband, be creative, work at the dental office, running marigold, garden, remodel, etc. etc. and time really does fly. so, i've been doing pretty good with allowing myself to take a break to cherish my family and others around me!

anyway, marigold is busy right now with booking season - holy smokes. it's been wonderful again meeting all these new brides, their family members, fiances...etc. i can't wait for an awesome season that is right around the corner. thank you to all you brides, photographers, florist, event coordinators for thinking of marigold!

we have a few items for sale this week.

this couch below is so adorable...however, i'm not certain i want to keep this because it needs some tlc and possible reupholstering IF i was going to rent out and i have 3 other couches before this beauty. this would be perfect for a photographer. i say that because it has a few stains on it that a camera wouldn't pick up. make me an offer if your interested..

this is a rad headboard. i repainted...and love this color right now especially with spring approaching.

and again, email me if you're interested - info@marigoldrentals.com

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