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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

update on marigold...and such.

hi ya'll...this is my first time in just over a month that i've had a minute to breath and reflex on this past summer. personal and business can sometimes mesh because a lot of my business, is a lot me! :) my families dream came true. we recentely purchased a mini farm, and have A TON OF SPACE NOW. which means, my husband can no longer tell me i'm filling up the garage with stuff and to stop. :) (right, matt :-)). so, you better believe that pupppy is filled to the brim right now with stuff to sell and rent.


BARN SALE now HOLIDAY SALE: i have been receiving a ton of emails about the barn sale...so, this move has taken a lot more out "ME" than i anticipated. the vision is to create something annually, that is filled with the very best vendors. instead of the barn sale, we are creating a holiday warehouse sale. same concept, same amazing finds...stay tuned.
{it'll be great}

BOOKING WEDDINGS: we've started receiving deposit for next wedding season already. which means, if you're thinking about using us, let's connect to see how marigold can help out.

PROPERTY RENTAL: we have space at our new house, and it's pretty...and perfect for your next photoshoot {family, maternity, catalog, etc}. and it's for rent. we just had Dutch Bros. out to shoot their fall catalog, super cute. they did a back to school theme with some old lockers, chalkboards - can't wait to see the photos. we plan to put together a little package so you use our cool stuff AND, our fields. tomorrow we have an engagement shoot happening.

PACKAGE RENTALS: i plan to put together package rentals that will save on rental cost....FOR $0000:
you get to pick out:
- 1 desert table
- 1 guest sign in piece
- 1 gift table piece
so, that should be fun!

anyway, i'll leave you with some beautiful photos of my brother, billy and his beautiful wife jenny ---- and my nephew will and his new baby sister, olivia. these were taken 1 week before little sister arrived. {she's the bun in the oven}
all photos taken by traci buck of grants pass! AND they were all taken at our farm.

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